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        Confluence 2018 – Slides and Resources to Create Content Hubs

        Caleb Cosper, SEO Strategist

        Today I gave a talk at Confluence Conference called “Reinventing the Wheel: The Hub and Spoke Content Strategy”. This post contains a link to the companion article, the presentation slides, and links to some of the tools and resources I recommended while waving my hands on stage.

        The Content Hub Strategy Companion Post

        Content Hubs – Hub and Spoke SEO Strategy – The Portent Blog

        The Slideshare

        The Links & Resources

        Portent’s Content Hub Explainer

        Moz: The Beginner’s Guide to Content Creation

        Paul Shapiro’s talk on uncovering content ideas that deliver and the blog post

        A deep dive on site architecture beyond content hubs

        Seer interactive post on why content is bigger than SEO

        Ian Lurie’s article on SEMrush about descriptive nav and how it can benefit both SEO and UX

        My own post on the Portent blog about the effectiveness and strategy for descriptive nav

        Kick Point’s excellent post on building personas for content development & content strategy

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