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        How to Pass the Bing Ads Accredited Professional Exam

        September 17, 2012

        PPC account managers everywhere are using this free guide to pass the Bing Ads Exam. Don’t spend hours watching videos (5hours and 35minutes worth) and taking notes. Just read this, pass (80% or more) and earn your badge.

        Bing Ads Accredited Professional


        It’s free!

        Disclaimer:This ebook is based off the 2hr 35min video version prior to June 2012, so some things might be missing- but the important test passing info is in here.

        However, we can’t guarantee you’ll pass. But we’re getting you pretty darn close. For free.


        • Taking the Bing Ads Exam4
        • Introduction to Bing Ads5
        • Getting started14
        • Targeting20
        • Tracking ad performance23
        • Optimizing ad performance33
        • Budgeting and billing43
        • Bing Ads desktop editor47

        About the Author

        Elizabeth Marsten is the Director of Search Marketing at Portent, an Internet marketing company based in Seattle, Washington where she oversees the paid search, organic search, link building, social media and copywriting teams. She is known for her direct, easy-to-follow writing style and penned the PPC section in the compilation, “All-in-One Internet Marketing Guide for Dummies” from Wiley Publishing.

        She is well versed in various paid search platforms in both popular venues (such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads) and newer social media venues (such as Facebook).

        Need proof?

        These guys didn’t watch a single video.

        Ryan Testimonial

        “This exam taught me there are pointless hours of your life that will be wasted and you can never get that time back.”
        – Ryan (Score: 82.5%)
        Josh Testimonial

        “Only read this book and admittedly didn’t really read it that well.”
        – Josh (Score: 82.7%)
        Michael Testimonial

        “Passing this prepares me to figuratively flip burgers on Bing. In life, it gives me a fragile sense of pride which will only take a passing breeze to shatter.”
        – Michael (Score: 88.5%)

        PDF format, 2.83 MB


        Elizabeth Marsten

        Portent Alumni
        Portent Alumni

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